March 15, 2017

OrthoIndy Hometown

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In the Hoosier state, it’s all about hometown pride. At OrthoIndy, we are proud to be members of the Indiana community. We are even more proud to serve you as your orthopedic provider. But we want the community to get to know us beyond orthopedics.

Just like you, we take pride in doing what we love. Whether that’s being with our family, participating in recreational sports, volunteering or fighting for our country’s freedom. Being a member of the community we serve allows us to build connections with our neighbors so we can better serve you when you are one of our patients. Ultimately, we are proud to work at OrthoIndy and we look forward to meeting you.

At OrthoIndy, we don’t just serve your hometown; we’re part of it.

Meet Renn
Renn is a member of the OrthoIndy trauma team, exclusively located at the Level I Trauma Center at St.Vincent Indianapolis. But beyond orthopedics, he’s accomplished a lot in his life. He earned the honor of representing Canada in the Olympic Games in 1988 in Seoul, 1992 in Barcelona and 1996 in Atlanta. Learn More

Meet Mihir
Indianapolis native, Dr. Mihir Patel, an OrthoIndy surgeon, has traveled all over the country for medical training. After his training, he came back to his hometown to raise a family. “I am just a kid at heart who was born in downtown Indianapolis and grew up in Columbus, Indiana,” he said. Learn More

Meet Jeff
Jeff Robinson joined OrthoIndy in 2005 as a physician assistant with the OrthoIndy Trauma team Jeff works out of the Level 1 trauma center at St. Vincent Indianapolis. In addition to his OrthoIndy employment, Jeff is also a lieutenant commander in the United States Navy. Learn More

Meet Chris
Dr. Chris Bales has a deep passion for an active lifestyle. He subscribes to the philosophy that being active extends and adds value to one’s life. A philosophy he learned at an early age while growing up in Canada. Learn More

Meet Greg
Cycling changed Dr. Greg Poulter’s life and brought him to the Indianapolis community. Greg’s story begins with cycling. During his time as a medical student at MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine, Greg started gaining weight from an inactive lifestyle. He decided he needed to do something about his health. Learn More

Meet Tim
Dr. Tim Dicke is part of the team that takes care of the Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever. The single best way to describe Dr. Tim Dicke is committed. He knew that he wanted to be a doctor from a very young age after being inspired by his father who raised him while working through medical school. Learn More

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Kasey Prickel

By Kasey Prickel

Kasey is the Marketing Director for OrthoIndy. She manages the in-house Marketing department responsible for advertising, strategic planning, branding, Web development, media relations, social media, government relations, sponsorships, events and graphic design for the practice and the hospital. Kasey graduated from Ball State University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and has been with OrthoIndy since 2006.

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